Monday, March 7, 2011

Grace Abudnant

There's an old Christian saying that I heard quoted over the lunch table the other day: "Those who require much grace should freely give much grace to those who need it."

An old friend called me this weekend and I finally returned their call today. It turned out that old friend had an apology to give me... of things from almost 2 years ago that happened between us. It feels like decades ago that the issue they apologized for happened...they changed, I changed, and life moved on. In the most deepest depth of my heart I had already forgiven this person and actually even understood why they did the things they did. Honestly they weren't that bad for someone who was carrying the kind of cross this particular person had. I had made my own mistakes in this particular relationship and although I had apologized in the past for these misdemeanors, I was pleased to have the opportunity to do so again.
How lovely is was to have them offer an apology for an unresolved issue. I'm blessed to get to receive that! I don't take for granted how many times people part ways with their issues unresolved and how wonderful it is for me to get to talk this out with this person. I'm so glad that I got to put that good old saying into practice!