Sunday, May 29, 2011

Above is a picture of me with our new house keys (note the pink ribbon tied on, courtesy of my Mother-in-law)!
Friday marked my last day as a Lanier Elementary Wildcat (my last day as a first grade teacher)! Ahhh mixed emotions!
I cried so hard when those 1st graders left (more on thoughts about those kids during another post and time). I'm overjoyed to move to Smryna.
My husband and I had moved all of our belongings to our new home in Smyrna April 23 although my teaching contract did not end in Gainesville until May 27. Our apartment lease had run out April 1 and we didn't want to pay what was asked for more than necessary to stay (it was quite a bit more). So our compromise was to pay extra for April and then to gut it out apart for the month of May. We moved our belongings and Parker April 23 to the Smyrna house and moved me to my mom's house in Gainesville for 1 month.
Parker & I LOVE LOVE LOVE being with each other and we missed each other terribly when apart for even a day. We are that couple that would opt to do everything together excluding some awkward situations that could apply to :). We are best friends. A lot of people say, oh it's because you are still newlyweds... to which I usually think, yes, and always will be. I can't tell you how much my heart lights up just to do little life things with him. He is my favorite person on earth and every day with him is filled with love, joy, laughter, and blessings. I felt like a missing part of a puzzle piece had been put back into my heart when I came home Friday to my Smyrna home to stay not just for the weekend, but forever with him <3
So as much as I loved family time and my 3 mile commute to work each morning of late April- May, I missed my hubs so much more. So yes, Friday was wonderful for that reason alone.
But little did I know that God had a spectacular blessing in story that same day. As you could imagine I will no longer be teaching in Gainesville because of the distance (70 mile commute one way people or 1 1/2 hrs on a GOOD day). So I decided to venture out and attempt to find another job teaching or something other than teaching (I left that part in God's hands). I applied to many different jobs and basically prayed for God to show me what to do. Long story short, He gave me a job Friday!! I'll be working as an leasing agent at the Worthing Companies in Dunwoody.
Now let me brag on God for a second! I didn't apply for this job. I didn't submit a resume. My friend came to me and told me about it, stating that I would be PERFECT for it. So I told her I would submit my resume after school wrapped up. A series of events lead me to do it sooner than planned. Within a week of walking my resume in, I got a call back for a second interview, and the next day after that a job offer! I accepted the offer on my last day of work at Lanier! Never doubt the perfect timing of God who loves you so much!
So after several months of walking by faith into the unknown and trusting God to provide my future job (still with my knees shaking quite a bit), God of course showed up in a BIG way and never EVER fails me.
I did a pretty good job most days walking in faith and trusting. However I had this little twinge of doubt and fear remained in my chest that I was always ignoring too. Sometimes it won, but I tried not to let it win more than it lost.
I prayed about this situation and had faith more than not, but there again I feared sometimes and I wondered if we had made the right decision at all. But in the depths of my heart I knew God was leading us and that we had followed. I knew we heard His voice and that He loved us and would always provide. Truly the faith of the mustard seed is enough and He was listening to even the smallest prayers about the situation. He has blessed us beyond measure with our home, my job, Parker's internship, and so many other things this year. May we always grow in our faith so that God can be glorified and move mountains in our lives!