Saturday, November 12, 2011

MrS. B's BuCkEt LiSt

  • To love God with all my heart, all my mind, and all of my strength.
  • Be a honeymooner forever, and the best wife ever.
  • Have little Bailey babies.
  • Give myself away to others.
  • Learn to sew well enough that I can make baby clothes, costumes for my kiddies, gifts, curtains, pillows, etc.
  • Travel, travel, travel to:
  1. Europe: go back to Paris and Gimmewald, Switzerland
  2.  California 
  3. Australia
  4. Alaska
  5. Colorado
  6. Virgin Islands 
  7. Italy: Venice, Rome
  8. Africa (safari is a definite).
  • Have grace, live grace, except grace to the fullest extent and love beyond that.
  • Go on a mission trip as a couple.
  • Become a crossfit kids instructor.
  • Re-learn piano.
  • Learn to grown my own little garden.
  • Kipping pull ups (string 10), awesome double unders, 
  • rope climb like a boss, and get a muscle up.
  • Love God's will for me more than my will for me.
  • Live in peace and harmony as much as possible with those I love.
  • Own a white fluffy puppy.
  • Be healthy and active.  I want to be in better shape when I'm 35 than I am now.
  • Go camping AND survive.
  • Drive across the pacific coast highway.
  • Be my own personal hair stylist.
  • Be UNperfectionist.
  • BE joy.
  • Find pleasure in life in the little moments of happiness.