Monday, December 31, 2012

Top 12 Bailey Moments of 2012

Happy New Year!!
Parker & I are spending this New Years Eve together cuddled up in our warm home watching tv/movie marathons/football and enjoying delicious food and wine (I am anyway)!  I can't think of a more perfect evening.  It's just want I wanted.  So we started the night off discussing our 12 favorite moments of 2012 and here's our list if you are interested!

Top 12 Bailey Moments of 2012:
  1. Celebrating 2 years of an awesome marriage (we think so) on 4/3/12.
  2. Our European adventure in March.  This was our first trip as a couple to Europe.  Highlights of that trip included Paris, Brussels, Bruge, Amsterdam and the Swiss Alps!
  3. Parker graduating from GT with his MBA degree!  So proud of that stud.
  4. On that note... Parker getting hired by Infosys Consulting Group and starting his job in Manhattan. 
  5. Becoming an Account Representative with CORT.  My first outside sales job and I love it.
  6. Taking trips with our married small group friends.
  7. Starting to serve together in Transit (middle school ministry at Buckhead church). 
  8. NYC trip at Christmas time!  I also saw my first (hopefully of many) Broadway play.
  9. Competing in our first CrossFit competition together.
  10. Attending the Braves game play-off (Parker was on cloud nine)!
  11. We went skiing together for the first time in North Carolina in February (I busted my booty)!
  12. Enjoying life events with our family & friends: graduations, birthdays, baby showers, baby births, weddings, new jobs, new dreams realized, etc.
It's been a great year!  Next up... we talk about what 2013 will look like!  Can't wait.